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  • Grenache Rosé, Australia

    Winexpert Reserve™

    Ready in 6 weeks

    Looking for a fun wine? Grenache Rosé is the answer. Winexpert Reserve Australian Grenache Rosé displays the trademark salmon pink hues and a soft, refreshing taste containing hints of strawberry and raspberry. Dry with crisp acidity that leads to a refreshing finish. Or you can choose off-dry, just let us know which you prefer!

    Every wine rack should have Rosé on it. They are the perfect go to wine for the summer and pair with an array of foods from fish, to chicken, burgers or anything with barbeque sauce. They don’t mind if you throw in some ice cubes and they pair perfectly with a second glass!

    Always have Rosé on the Holiday table. It goes well with everything from turkey to the things we know everyone really loves — the huge variety of side dishes. With a holiday spread that is loaded with platters of food more rich and buttery than the last, it is good to have something to brighten up your palate.


    $185.00 (In Store) $129.00 (Take Home)