How long does it take to make a wine?

Depending on the wine you choose, it will take between 4 and 8 weeks to complete the winemaking process.

Can I make wine that is as good as store bought brands?

Yes! Winexpert sources juices and concentrates from all over the world and follows the same process as a winery, but on a much smaller scale.  For the best wine, allow your wine to age in the bottle – the longer you wait the better it will become, just make sure you drink it within about a year.

Is it expensive?

Not at all. We offer a wine for every budget.  Because you are making the wine yourself, you save the high tax rates associated with beverage alcohol.  In fact, our wines can be made for as little as $5 per bottle, making it very affordable compared to store-bought wine.

How do I make my own wine?

First, you need to decide if you will make the wine yourself at home, or at one of our retailers who offer on-site winemaking.  On-site winemaking is available in most Canadian provinces. If you live outside of a region that offers on-site winemaking, or if you’d like to have a more hands-on experience, you can make the wine at home.

If you are making it at a retailer, you’ll first select your wine – our retailers can recommend a great style based on what you already like to drink. The retailer will prepare your juice and you’ll sprinkle the yeast.  Over the next several weeks your retailer will carefully follow all of the necessary steps to create delicious wine. When your wine is complete, you’ll return to bottle it.  You can either bring your own bottles that are clean, or purchase new bottles at the store. After bottling you can apply your choice of bottle label (offered at the store, or from many online label retailers) and top it off with a coordinating shrink.

Alternatively, If you make your wine at home you’ll find that it’s easy and rewarding. You’ll need a bit of equipment, which is inexpensive and pays for itself after your first couple of batches. Many of our retailers offer starter kits with everything you need all in one box.  All of our kits come with step by step instructions and take only about 4 hours total over the course of a few weeks. The process can vary slightly from wine to wine, but generally there are 4 basic steps: Primary Fermentation, Secondary Fermentation, Stabilizing and Clearing and Bottling.

What is the alcohol content of the wines?

The alcohol level in our wines varies by style and ranges from 11% to 14.5%. Our specialty dessert wines are as high as 17% and our Island Mists are lower at 6%.

Do Winexpert kits make sweet or dry wines?

We offer both dry and off-dry wines. Our retailers can help you choose a wine that’s as dry or as sweet as you like.


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