It’s About Wine!

We have the perfect gift for everyone, especially wine lovers.

Come in and check out all our unique gift ideas.

Wine glass caddy. Fits over your wine bottle and holds 2 glasses. Make one trip instead of three. Hand made by a local high school student, the wording can be customized. The perfect wedding, birthday, or any special occasion gift. $29.99 each









New candles in stock! Special scents and slogans created for fall. These will leave your house smelling like apple pie, pumpkin, and vanilla. Hand crafted locally, these candles smell awesome. And they burn forever. Stop by and check them out.

$22 each or 3 for $56.








Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup – BACK IN STOCK!

Perfect for any occasion. Dress up that sparkling wine. Serve on cheesecake or ice cream. Great in salads. The crostini recipe is fantastic. Simply stuff with your favourite soft cheese and serve.

$11 for a jar of 11 flowers

Check out their website for more recipe ideas.




Wine Guards and Drink Guards

Elegant Wine Guard – A screened lid for wine glasses made from food-grade stainless steel. Protects your wine from fruit flies and allows wine to breath. Set of 4 with a stand for $44.95 (so you don’t have to lay them down on an unclean surface). Individually for $12.95 each







Active Drink Guard – A silicon lid for your glasses that protects your drink from bugs, keeps drinks warm or cool and sits securely on rims up to 4″ diameter. You can use them as aperitif plates so you never lose your drink at a party! Set of 8 colours to use as drink markers for $34.95 or individually for $4.99 each





VACU VIN PRODUCTS BACK IN STOCK! Wine Savers, Servers, Aerators, Corkscrews and more…

Wine Saver with stopper.

Save wine up to 6X longer. Makes a click at vacuum.

$17.99 each





Vacuum stopper 2 pack. $8.99 each



Wine Server Crystal set of 2. $11.99 each

Non-drip server to pour wine smoothly.




Vacu Vin Active No-Ice Wine Cooler Jacket, Green Grapes Design $25.95 each

Chilling drinks quickly and keeping them cold is no longer a problem using the Active Cooler! The amazing Active Coolers can best be described as super cold flexible ice jackets. They can, when taken from the freezer, simply be slipped over the bottle. The drink will be chilled after 5 minutes and stays cool for hours. The coolers are unbreakable and reusable.

  • Chills drinks in minutes and keeps them cool for hours
  • The coolers are unbreakable and reusable.
  • Active chiller without ice
  • Chills in 5 minutes
  • Keep in the freezer
  • No waste of space in the fridge
  • Made in the Netherlands


Wine Aerator    $23.99 each

Adds oxygen to enrich the wines flavour.




Lever Corkscrew  $49.99 each

Opens your wine bottles in style.




Vacu Vin Standard Winged Black $19.95 each

The sturdy lever arms from the Winged Corkscrew allows you to easily open a bottle of wine without damaging the cork.

  • Sturdy lever arms provide easy cork removal
  • Easily remove the cork without damaging it
  • Stainless Steel; Plastic


Vacu Vin double hinge corkscrew $19.95 each





Wine Tasting Gift Set   $39.99 each

12 pieces includes 8 glass markers, wine server, wine aerator, snap thermometer





Vin-O-Air Premier Wine Aerator with gravity lid, filter, & travel case.

$49.99 each




Vin-O-Air Wine Aerator

$39.99 each




Vin-O-Ice Wine Pourer with gravity lid & chill rod keeps chilled wine at the perfect drinking temperature

$48.99 each


Tourbillon Aerating Stemless Wine Glasses set of 2.

]Just by filling your glass and swirling your wine, the “waves” help to open up the bouquet and aerate the wine. $19.99 per set



Tourbillon Aerating Decanter $21.99 each

Aerate your wine just by pouring in the decanter. Also aerates on the pour into your glass.



Crystallite Bohemia Collection Ardea Red Wine Glass 670 ml and White Wine Glass 330 ml

Set of 6 $35.99

$5.99 each




Say good-bye to unsightly streak marks on your wine glasses forever. Nice for serving as well as for drying this distinctive glass drying rack holds six glasses securely so that they won’t chip or shatter. It can also be used as a wine decanter dryer by replacing the glass holder with the silicon push connector.

  • Easy assembly
  • Holds 6 wine glasses
  • Stainless steel





$12.99 each








Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc. When the light heats up the silver bits sparkle!

$19.99 each





Take life one sip at a time decorations as a bottle gift tag.

Or they make great Christmas tree ornaments.

$7.99 each









Festive Spreaders $5 each








Doggy’s in the Merlot again…

$5.99 each

4 different doggy wine stoppers






Kitty has a way of getting into everything – even the Cabernet. This time it’s OK; he’ll make sure it’s purrrfectly preserved for later. Stop Kitty is molded from pure, food safe silicone. PRICE REDUCED $10.00 each

WINER DOGS drink marker

MARK YOUR TERRITORY WITH THESE DOG DRINK IDS: These darling dachsunds will mark your drink so you can find it again. WINER DOGS come in a set of 6 fun colours and are made of pure silicone. PRICE REDUCED $10.00 per set




NOTED coasters

PASS NOTES AT YOUR NEXT PARTY Got something saucy on your mind but just can’t spit it out? It’s time to get schooled in the art of the party! Pass around NOTED coasters. They say just what you’re thinking. NOTED coasters are thick, multi-ply paper stock, and will stand up to plenty of parties. 6 styles per box $5.00 each

Wine racks – We have a few different kinds including 3 bottle metal counter top, 4 bottle metal counter top, 6 bottle metal floor stand. We have some new 30 & 60 bottle pine wine racks with table top. Metal floor stand/wall mount that hold 30, 50 or 100 bottles.

Wine bottle crates – We have 15 bottle pine crates, 10 bottle pine crates and the handy lunch box size of 6 bottles. We also have crates to hold your 1.5 litre bottles.

 Ravi Instant wine chiller for red wines and white wines.

Ravi wine iceberg.