Wine Making Supplies

It’s About Wine carries a large selection of supplies for the home wine maker. If we are out of an item or don’t regularly carry it, we will bring it in for you. All you have to do is ask. We will also answer your wine making questions and if we don’t have the answer we will try to get you an answer. Below are some of the products we carry to help you make wine at home.

Carboys – plastic & glass 23L and 11.5L

Fermentors – plastic 46L

Equipment kits.

Bottles – 750 ml Green & Clear. 375 ml Green & Clear. 375 ml Ice Wine bottles clear and green. Wine bags 4L & 5L complete with spout & box.

Corkers – floor & hand

Hydrometers, hydrometer jars, thermometers, vinometers. Bottle washers, bottle sterilizers, bottle fillers, bottle brushes. Siphon rods, siphon hose, siphon starters. Spoons, wine thief, wine whips. Brew belts.

Filtering equipment – filter machines and pads. Mini Buon Vino, Super Jet and round filter pads. Muslin straining bags small and large. Hop boiling bags.

Yeast, yeast nutrient, acid blend, acid testing kits, bentonite, pectic enzyme, potassium sorbate, grape tannin powder and liquid. Oak chips and liquid oak. Dextrose (corn sugar).

Potassium metabisulphite – 50 gr, 250 gr and 1 kg

Chloro Clean (Diversol) –  1 kg

StarSan – a no rinse sanitizer 8oz & 16oz sizes

Rubber bungs – drilled and solid. Tapered corks, plastic stoppers, 4L glass jugs, polyseal caps for 4L glass jugs. Airlocks.

And of course corks. Agglomerated, winery grade and synthetic. Bags of 30 and 100.