Island Mist Fiesta Lime Refreshment Beverage

It’s back this year and it’s on sale starting March 1st, 2023 at It’s About Wine!

March 1 until March 31st you pay only $119 for 30 bottles of delicious, refreshing Fiesta Lime. Or you could bag’n’box it! You get 5 each 4L bags that are so convenient for camping, boating, poolside sipping, picnics, even backyard BBQ’s.

Anyone else notice the days getting longer? That means Spring & Summer are on their way. It’s About Wine! and Winexpert want to turn your thoughts towards sun and warmth by introducing the newest member of the Island Mist series: Fiesta Lime. Freshly squeezed lime flavour with lime zest and botanical notes. The crisp natural lime flavour makes this refreshing new mist taste less sweet, more tart. Island Mist Fiesta Lime is perfectly refreshing, easy-drinking, and sure to become a year-round favourite.

While this Island Mist style is ready to be paired with some warm sunshine and enjoyed on the patio or in the backyard, like all other Island Mist styles, they’re great any time of year. Fruity, refreshing and easy drinking. Sip slightly chilled, try with added fruit, make slushies and punch, or enjoy over ice topped with sparkling water for a refreshing Summer spritzer – there are countless ways to diversify your Island Mist.