September Sales & Specials

September Sales & Specials


It’s time to make your wine for ChristmasThere are only about 100 days until Christmas and it is happening with or without wine! Why not make it more enjoyable? Order your Christmas wine now.

Selection Premium Wine Kits

This month the more you make, the more you save! $15 off your first batch, $20 off your second batch, $25 off your your third batch. A total savings of $60 when you order three batches of Selection 6 week premium wine.

You’ve likely heard that red wine complements red meat and white wine suits white meat, but that’s not the whole story: Texture matters too. Turkey can be dry, so if it’s the centrepiece of your meal, choose a wine that can complement it. Consider a crisp, mouth watering white wine, such as a Riesling, or a light red wine with juicy berry flavours, such as a Pinot Noir. Click here for descriptions of all the Selection wine kits on sale.


The discount applies to take home kits also. Sale runs September 8 – 30 2016. The Selection with grape skins wine kits are not included in this sale. Cannot be combined with any other offer.


World Vineyard Collection 

4 week wine kits $15 off this month.

French Sauvignon Blanc: Steely, grassy, herbaceous the classic traits of palate-cleansing Sauvignon Blanc are here in this version sourced directly from the French countryside. Crisp and dry, this refreshing wine is a fabulous match with food, as its full, fresh flavours and wonderfully balanced acidity make it essential with chicken, fish and grilled vegetables.

California Shiraz/Zinfandel is a deep, flavourful red wine with notes of raspberry, black cherries, figs, dark chocolate and a jamminess that finishes with a peppery spice. Enjoy with sausages, pork chops and Mediterranean dishes.

Sale offers cannot be combined with any other offers. 


Vintners Reserve

4 week wine kits $10 off this month.

Mezza Luna White is our “great white” – full, round and flavourful, with big fruit flavours and aromas. Great with roasted chicken and turkey.

Mezza Luna Red is our “big red” wine offering. Rich and flavourful, this purposeful blend marries intense aromas with complex flavours bursting of cherry and raspberry. Boasts dark red colours and a superb oak enhancement.

Sale offers cannot be combined with any other offers. 



Fall into Flavour

Island Mist now has two new delicious flavours being released on a limited basis. This year’s Island Mist Fall Limited Releases include Cranapple Pinot Grigio and Spiced Merlot. Refreshing and tasty for either the end of Summer sipping, through the cooling Fall months, or for Winter nights around the fire place. Bottles of these wines also make for unique gifts for the special people in your life as well as being ideal for sharing along with great company during the Holidays.

Island Mist Spiced Merlot and Cranapple Pinot Grigio are “short run” offerings available in limited quantities only. Available now, these Island Mists will be ready for bottling and completely drinkable in just 4 short weeks. 

These wines are available now but only for limited time while supplies last.  $129.00 made in the store $73.00 kit only



The first Bravado has been bottled! And oh my, is it delicious! You are going to want this in your wine cellar. Bravado is a super Tuscan with grape skins available for a limited time. We still have kits left, but don’t wait too long. Now that we know how good it is, it will be flying out the door. Call us today to reserve yours!  




Stay tuned for news on the LE2016 collection. We will be announcing the Limited Edition 2016 lineup in late September and start to take pre-orders. These wines are always spectacular and sell out fast so don’t miss out this year. We will let you know more later this month.




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