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This marks the 25th anniversary of the Winexpert Limited Edition program, the biggest and best program in the industry, and an enormous triumph. 

In honour of the 25th anniversary, 4 spectacular wines are making their return. These are the wines consumers have consistently asked to be brought back time and again.

We have also developed a special 25th Anniversary Blend, aptly named Triumph. Triumph is a celebration of the achievement which defines this limited edition program, and it’s also a blockbuster wine.

The LE14 Wines:



We are taking pre-orders now until December 6, 2014. The first four are $192 for on-premise and $136 for the kit only, the last one which is a grape skin kit is $198 for on-premise and $142 for the kit only. You can reserve your kits by email (, by phone (604-465-9988), or in person at the store. YOU MUST PRE-ORDER TO ENSURE YOU GET YOURS!


REGION: This sun-kissed agricultural haven of South Australia boasts ripe examples of Shiraz and Viognier. The cool waters of the Murray River act as an irrigator for this declared reserve, which lies about 225 km north east of Adelaide.

WINE: This Northern Rhone-inspired blend takes the spicy, strong and tannic red grape Shiraz and softens its edge with the voluptuous white grape Viognier. These wines are a beautiful marriage of black cherry, smoky plum, black pepper from the Shiraz and hints of exotic jasmine flower, ripe apricot and juicy peach from the Viognier.

Enjoy this full-bodied wine with grilled lamb stuffed with an apricot-mint stuffing or barbecued ribs coated with a sticky sauce. If meat is not on the horizon, then try dishes such as grilled vegetable kebabs or portobello mushroom burgers.

FEATURED RECIPE: Beef & Mushroom Cottage Pies

Sweetness: Dry    Body: Medium-Full    Alcohol: 14%*




REGION: Mosel Valley, Germany

Like scenes from a postcard, the Mosel river winds its way at the bottom of a valley with 700 ft slopes draped in vineyards. These steep slopes are treacherous even for the bravest of grape growers, where the Riesling grape is grown in abundance and is hailed as the great grape of Germany. At 49° latitude north, grapes are at  their northernmost limit in terms of cultivation, but the warm sunny southern-facing slopes of this magnificent valley bring the Riesling to its full potential.

WINE: Riesling, with its pronounced acidity and ability to mask sweetness, is a grape that is happy in a cooler climate. Its notable flavours of lemon, fresh apple and limestone will encapsulate you with its tangy acidic kick and the soft, gentle sweetness on the finish to tie it all together. This wine loves food, and many sommeliers often reach for Riesling as their wild card. This German example would pair beautifully with schnitzel, white fish, or simply a good book.

FEATURED RECIPE: Sweet Thai Glazed Shrimp Skewers

Sweetness: Off-Dry    Body: Light-Medium    Alcohol:10%



REGION: Yakima Valley, Washington

Overlooked by Mount Adams and moderated by the Yakima River, this valley is Washington’s coolest and oldest wine region. Despite this honour, its macroclimate allows Bordeaux’s (or “Meritage” in North America) three big star grapes to ripen well here. The Yakima Valley is known for its agricultural abundance, and grapes are quickly becoming recognized as the powerhouses.

WINE: This blend of Bordeaux’s finest; Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot is proof that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. These three friends all work so well together, and each contributes their individual strength to the wine. Cabernet Sauvignon, or “King Cab”, brings the structure with his firm tannins and adds complexity with his aromas of cassis and black currant. Cabernet Franc adds spice, with his peppery nose and red fruit undertones. Merlot likes to round things out with his approachable plum and cherry characteristics and his softer, rounder body. Together, they really do create a harmonious blend.

Think of dishes that warm your stomach: beef stroganoff in the winter, steak on the barbecue in the summer, or simply aged cheddar for any time of year.

                                   FEATURED RECIPE: Wild Mushroom And Arugula Ragu

                                   Sweetness: Dry     Body: Medium-Full     Alcohol: 13.5%*



REGION: Lake County, California

Northern California has some of the oldest vineyards on the west coast, with Spanish Missionaries planting back in the 18th century. Today, the sunny rolling hills of the Lake County are moderated by the cool waters of Clear Lake, the oldest lake in North America. With all of this history, the land is ideally suited for growing a variety of grapes.

WINE: The three grapes that make up this blend are distinct characters indeed. Chardonnay is the popular and adaptable friend with apple and melon characteristics. Chenin Blanc reflects the soil well in its chalk and citrus aromatics, while its acidity anchors its structure down on the palate. Finally, lady Muscat with her wildly perfumed nose and distinctive “grapey” flavour gives the blend a refreshingly fun and juicy addition.

This wine is sip-worthy on its own, but will also pair well with fuller white meats such as roasted turkey or duck, and exotic flavours like curries & Asian cuisine.

FEATURED RECIPE: Lemon & Sage Flattened Chicken

Sweetness: Dry     Body: Medium     Alcohol:13.5%



REGION: Tuscany

There’s a reason artists and lovers flock to this area of the world. Yes, its landscape is arguably among the most beautiful in the world, but more importantly the wine is legendary.Located at the same latitude as Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, this area of Italy sees warm, sunny summer days and nights where the Mediterranean provides a fresh cooling breeze. Winemakers have been making wine here since the 8th century BC and have decided to dedicate roughly 80% of the vineyards to red grape varietals.

WINE: Super Tuscans are proof that winemakers are also rebels in their own right. In the appellation of Chianti, where rules limited winemakers to certain grape varietals and practices in order to warrant official status, in the 1970s a few winemakers decided to break the rules and make wines that they decided were of superior quality, and disregarded the limitations. Coined “Super Tuscan”, this full-bodied wine consists of Cabernet Sauvignon and the native Sangiovese, and has firm tannins, notes of cherry and currant and a long finish.

Italy is the land of food and wine, so naturally these wines are a perfect match with food. Try spaghetti Bolognese, osso buco or a big wedge of asiago cheese.

FEATURED RECIPE: Red Wine Braised Lamb Shank With Creamy Polenta

Sweetness: Dry     Body: Full     Alcohol:14%    

Please remember to pre-order by December 6, 2014. Otherwise we cannot guarantee delivery. You do not want to miss out on these, they are all 2 thumbs up by Julie & Mike! All feature recipes are available online by clicking on the Limited Edition 2014 link or in store in the LE14 brochure.