March Sales & Specials

March Sales & Specials

Selection Premium Wine Kits

This month we are featuring four of our most popular wines. All are $15 off the regular price, made in the store or take home. Selection wine kits take 6-8 weeks to get ready and are drinkable soon after bottling. The red wines on sale are Chilean Merlot: powerful fruit and spice flavour, with mellow tannins for a supple finish. Deserves ageing, but will develop quicker than Cabernet Sauvignon and will stand up to the same food pairings. And Italian Sangiovese (formerly Chianti):  the pride of Italy’s Tuscany region, this blend is famous for its full, dry character and elegant flavours of cherries and blackberries. Sturdy and robust, with tangy undertones and a slight spiciness. Ageing uncovers its complex depth of flavour.

The white wines on sale are California Chardonnay: full of citrus and tropical fruit flavours and warm vanilla oak. And Italian Pinot Grigio: the uniquely Italian version of the well known Pinot Gris grape, picked earlier in Italy than in all other regions and well before its characteristic loss of acidity at ripening, for a bright, crisp, dry white wine with a gentle perfume and a detectable spiciness. Fresh, fragrant and lively, its flavours include a certain flintiness with hints of citrus and almonds. Sale ends March 28, 2015 and cannot be combined with any other offer.

Vintners Reserve

4 week wine kits that continue to set the standard by yielding wines of excellent quality, flavour and aroma. The wines on sale this month are Sangiovese (formerly Chianti): firm, dry red wine style made famous by Tuscany. Tannic and robust, this well-structured wine is ripe with flavours of berries and spice. Superb with veal or spicy pasta. And Chamblaise: blended from Chenin Blanc and Colombard grapes, this juice produces a crisp, semi-dry wine, with a clean, refreshing aftertaste. May be enjoyed immediately after bottling. $10 off the regular price.

World Vineyard

4 week wine kits yielding wines of excellent quality, flavour and aroma. This month the wines on sale  are Chilean Merlot: originating from the world famous Maipo Valley wine region in Chile, this reputable Merlot is a soft and supple variation with powerful fruit and spicy flavours. Renowned for its ripe cherry character, Merlot is a perfect partner for red meats, lamb, and hearty stews. A must have on those crisp autumn evenings. And Italian Pinot Grigio: the Italians have their own way with the Pinot Gris grape variety, and in the process they create a special magic with it that’s unmatched elsewhere in the wine world. Though dry in character and with a pleasant zip of acidity, this Pinot Grigio shows off a pleasant floral fragrance and tremendous fruit flavours, making it the perfect picnic accompaniment. $15 off the regular price.


Encore Appearance: Selection Australian Grenache Rosé

Because you demanded it, Selection Australian Grenache Rosé will be returning one last time! That’s right, this is your final opportunity to experience this exceptional and elegant rosé. Crisp hints of red cherry, fresh strawberry and a barely off-dry, refreshing finish. Enjoy it this summer with your favourite summer salads and barbecue fare. Only a limited quantity of this fantastic varietal will be produced so be sure to act fast. Delay and you can be sure that they will all be gone! Secure your order today at It’s About Wine! Selection Australian Grenache Rosé is a 6-8 week kit that produces 23L (approximately thirty 750ml bottles) of finished wine and is priced at $183 On-Premise or $127 Kit-Only.

LE 2014

The March Limited Edition kit will be in the store the 2nd week of March 2015. California Trio Blanca is the second white wine kit in the collection. Those of you that pre-ordered, we will be contacting you shortly. If you did not pre-order and think you want one, let us know as soon as possible. These limited edition kits always sell out fast! 

The three grapes that make up this blend are distinct characters indeed.  Chardonnay is the popular and adaptable friend with apple and melon characteristics. Chenin Blanc reflects the soil well in its chalk and citrus aromatics, while its acidity anchors its structure down on the palate. 

Finally, lady Muscat with her wildly perfumed nose and distinctive “grapey” flavour gives the blend a refreshingly fun and juicy addition. This wine is sip-worthy on its own, but will also pair well with fuller white meats such as roasted turkey or duck, and exotic flavours like curries and south-Asian cuisine.


Sip on Sunshine – available March 12

Introducing a unique and delicious Island Mist flavour that will have you in a vacation state-of-mind with the first sip. New Coconut Yuzu Pinot Gris allows you to experience the freshness of coconut water with a sun-kissed twist of tropical Yuzu and hint of lime. It’s like a breath of island air in every bottle.

Not familiar with Yuzu? Yuzu [pronounced YOO-zoo] is a Japanese citrus fruit which is about the size of a tangerine. It’s being hailed as the next superfruit and is being used to flavour everything from beer to chewing gum. It tastes like a cross between a lemon, mandarin and grapefruit and it’s sourness and acidity plays well against the coconut notes and sweetness of Island Mist.

New Island Mist Coconut Yuzu Pinot Gris is a 4 week kit that produces 23L (approximately thirty 750ml bottles) of finished wine and is priced at $129 On-Premise or $73 Kit-Only. Available March 12, 2015.


Remember to set your clocks AHEAD ONE HOUR on Sunday March 8 2015. Daylight savings time begins. Lose an hour of sleep but the trade off is more daylight hours!




Easter comes in early April this year. We will be closed for 5 days this year starting Good Friday April 3 and re-opening Wednesday April 8. Happy Easter! 


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