Friendly Reminder! The party is tomorrow!

Well, it’s July and that means…


 Customer Appreciation Days!

July 12 until July 22 2016

This year for our Annual Customer Appreciation Sale we are once again doing something fun. Just like last year all wines will be on sale, but you get to choose the discount. We will have a thirty bottle wine rack full of wine bottles that have been marked with discounts from $15 to $50 (our Wall of Wine). So for every wine you buy you get a chance at a $50 discount but are guaranteed at least $15 off. This sale runs from July 12 until July 22 so don’t miss out as the next big sale is not until May. Remember, this is the perfect time to get your wines on for the Holiday season.

You will have a 1 in 30 chance at $50 off, 4 in 30 chance at $25 off, 10 in 30 chance at $20 off and a 15 in 30 chance at $15 off. Good Luck to everyone in pulling the $50 off bottle. Maybe you will be as lucky as Dan, Gil, David, Kerry, Cynthia, Ron, Trudy, Carol, Neil, Laura, Leah, Danny, Lori, and Carole have been over the years!

Come in and join us on Saturday July 16 for refreshments and beverages and get ready to pick your lucky bottle!


Julie & Mike