National Wine & Cheese Day

National Wine and Cheese Day is observed on July 25 of every year. On National Wine and Cheese Day, we celebrate the ideal combination, which is wine and cheese. To taste wine and cheese, take a sip of wine and take a bite of cheese, and take another sip for the left-out cheese in your mouth. It is best if you taste the wine and cheese on an empty stomach, with only bread and water on the side. Just like chocolate and peanut butter, oil and vinegar, peanut butter and jelly, drinking wine and eating cheese is one such heavenly blend. The right wine should be paired with proper cheese to get the perfect taste of the combo. There are numerous possibilities to pair wine with cheese. A few of the best pairs are Port and Bleu Cheese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Aged Gouda, Chardonnay and Gruyère, Tempranillo and Manchego, Rosé and Feta, and a lot more. Hence, celebrate the day with your favorite cheese and wine. Happy National Wine and Cheese Day!

Today is also Shiraz Day, emphasize the tobacco notes in Shiraz with a smokey cheese such as gouda or applewood smoked cheddar.