Sensational Sangiovese Rosé

Do we have a treat for you. It’s About Wine! is excited to announce the return arrival of Winexpert Reserve Washington Sangiovese Rosé. Versatile at the dining table and perfect for Spring and Summer sipping, this blush wine is sure to be a crowd pleaser with its mouth watering flavours of bright red fruit and off-dry finish. Only a limited quantity of this wine is set to be produced. Don’t delay, make yours today at It’s About Wine! because once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Each Spring, Winexpert releases a “short run” rosé and popularity of these wines has been growing every year as wine lovers discover the quality and versatility of blushes. Washington Sangiovese Rosé is BACK once again. You do not want to miss out on this one – secure your batch(es) today! Winexpert Reserve Washington Sangiovese Rosé will be available at It’s About Wine! beginning February 17th, 2022 for a limited time only. Ready in only 6-8 weeks, producing 23L (approximately thirty 750ml bottles) of finished wine, and priced at $185 Made in the store or $129 for the wine kit only.

The Style: Rosé wine has come into its own in recent years, being recognized as a serious style of wine unto itself. Rosés most often offer a lighter, brighter, sunnier take on your favourite red-wine grapes although you can find many rosé styles from your favourite white wine grapes. And blush wines aren’t just for novice wine drinkers. Today’s pinks will please the palate of even the most discerning wine aficionado. Lip-smacking fruit and mouth-watering acidity, lightly chilled rosé wines are versatile and food-friendly.

The Region: Washington, USA. Though still a relatively young region, the state of Washington was destined too be world-class wine country. It sits at the 46th parallel north – a sweet spot for growing grapes, where the long days of sunshine couple with cool nights to preserve aromas, freshness and acidity. Sangiovese is finding a strong home here, particularly as a rosé. The growing conditions foster the grape’s fruit-forward flavours and prized acidity, making it a star choice for a perfectly satisfying rosé.

The Wine: Bright flavours of wild strawberry, raspberry and cherry accented with subtle mineral and citrus notes and soft juicy peach undertones. Crisp, fresh and off-dry – serve chilled for the perfect summer sipping sensation.


Food Pairing: Perfect for sipping on its own, or pair with a cedar planked salmon, grilled chicken or sausage, caprese salad, or Hawaiian pizza. Rosés really do go with (almost) everything.