Private Reserve Brunello Style w/grapeskins from Italy


Brunello is one of the world’s most revered red wines and this Italian superstar is worthy of the fanfare.

BRUNO boasts bold cherry, plum and wildberry flavours layered with notes of dried herb, vanilla, tobacco and spice. Firm velvety tannin, well-balanced acidity and a long luscious finish.


Though it now refers to the style of wine, locals originally called the Sangiovese grape ‘Brunello’ which roughly translates to ‘little dark one’; it is derived from the Italian word for brown – bruno.

Brunello is one of Italy’s – and the world’s – most revered red wines. When you look at icons of art and culture through history and present day, some of the greatest are often known by a single name. And so Bruno, the root of the Brunello moniker and a proper name itself, seemed a fitting name for this singular sensation.

Available now for a VERY limited time. Make sure to reserve yours as soon as possible. This big, bold red is sure to sell out fast! Price made in the store is $227. The price for the kit is $171.