Open That Bottle Night

Since the millennium, one night in the dull, dark month of February has been immeasurably brightened for wine-lovers by the creation of a special day to celebrate cherished bottles of wine. The last Saturday of February each year is OPEN THAT BOTTLE NIGHT. We open that one and extraordinary bottle of wine we’ve been hiding from the world for so long. Whether it is your vintage wine, a very expensive or rare bottle, or a gift from someone special, Saturday February 24 is a perfect occasion to open that bottle and enjoy what’s been hidden inside. OPEN THAT BOTTLE NIGHT is dedicated to making sure that those bottles of fine wine put away for a special occasion, are used and enjoyed!

Open That Bottle Night has been celebrated on the last Saturday of February, every year since 1999. Begun by the then-Wall Street Journal Wine Columnists John Brecher and Dorothy Gaiter, the event has gone worldwide. It is a call to open that special bottle with friends and share the experience, instead of letting it continue to sit in the cellar. Click here for the full story.

This is the night to open those bottles you have been saving from each batch of wine you made over the years and experience for yourself the benefit of aging your home made wine. This year we are opening our last bottle of LE20 Grenache/Tannat/Shiraz bottled in June 2021. Stay tuned for results.

Dorothy & John said (as did Maya to Miles in the movie Sideways) “We all tend to get it backwards, thinking that a special occasion requires a special wine. Actually, when we open a special wine, it makes the night a special occasion.” Simply put, opening the bottle IS the occasion. Enjoy your night and your bottle.