International Grenache Day

September 16th is International Grenache Day!

Every year on the third Friday in September, International Grenache Day creates awareness for one of the most widely planted grapes in the world. It’s also a day to celebrate this red-wine grape.

The Grenache grape is a bright red fruit that adds both a refreshing and appealing flavor to wines. Winemakers prefer this grape due to its low acidity and tannins, which helps to make the wine taste less bitter. They also blend the Grenache grape with other grapes to create the perfect bottle of wine.

Winexpert blends this grape with Shiraz and Mourvedre to create our Classic GSM wine kit.

And in 2020 Winexpert used it to create the LE20 Grenache/Tannat/Shiraz blend. Both are great examples of how Grenache is used to create the perfect bottle of wine.

Winexpert also makes a Grenache Rosé from Australia. A very dry, crisp delicious rosé.

Celebrating this day is simple! Pour yourself a glass of wine made from the Grenache grape. Reserve Grenach Rosé, Classic GSM  are your choices and they are all on sale today only. Save $15 in honour of Grenache Day!